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  • Chekov couldn't precisely identify the emotion glowing in the boy's keen hazel stare, but he'd seen glimpses of it on the face of the adult James Kirk during the last eighteen hours. Nowadays, and speaking very generally, geological time is divided first into four great chunks known as eras: Precambrian, Paleozoic (from the Greek meaning old life ), Mesozoic ( middle life ), and Cenozoic ( recent life ).
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  • He let the shuttle's momentum take it as high as it would go before he added any forward thrust, allowing gravity to smooth the shuttle's transition from vertical to horizontal motion. Hearing him speak to me like this, I had the suspicion that don Juan might not have suffered from a stroke, but some other crippling brain condition that had made him lose his mind and become violent.
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  • His desire for the escape of sleep was strong, but his need to talk to her was stronger. But he held himself upright, turned to face Linden's mute distress.
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    I know you guys are about dead, but get a move on!
    In that case, the only consolation is that the hors d'oeuvres are great and the booze is free.
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  • Three people were ranged before it, apparently visiting casually, comfortably.
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    Replacement Policy (T&C)

    For damaged item, please contact us within 14 days after item received, supported by a photo. We will arrange for replacement of the same design at no additional charge.
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  • Nathan, I will need to discard the raw neural records to complete next week's work load. He tamps down his irritation and leans over to see through the armored slit windows.
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  • He wouldn't have bitten into something that smelled like a brandied peach unless he'd known its pedigree. It was more than a mile, but the night was pleasantly fresh, the air cool on his face.
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    It's the ability to believe in the unbelievable, she continued, apparently unconcerned at his silence. Her struggles were wearying, but they were nothing to him.
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  • The wife fell to her knees, crying out for his help, and for someone named Lelie.
  • And turn yourself away from the Tribe of Acquaba, from this Council of the Halidon, and face the wall. They were both times of change, beautiful in their own way, and Jack loved to watch stuff happen.
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