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    Welcome to Rainbow Home Deco Online

    Rainbow Home Deco provides you with great ideas to style up your space with unlimited creativity! We design and distribute our flagship product, Modern Lifestyle Clock. We are confident that you will find the missing piece for your space in our gallery with more than 1000 designs. We are now expanding our business and we invite you to join us as distributor. Find out more!
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  • Replacement Policy (T&C)

    For damaged item, please contact us within 14 days after item received, supported by a photo. We will arrange for replacement of the same design at no additional charge.
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  • How to Order

    You could simply drop us a message with the product code of your prefered design from the gallery. We will contact you shortly.
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    Free-Shipping promotion

    For all orders made thru our website - we offer Free-shipping to your doorstep, within Malaysia!
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    I hope your plans in favour of the shire will not be affected by his being in the neighbourhood. Mika sawed through the horse's rope with a knife and hurtled atop it.

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