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    Because he had told her he could not control his ring. It's probably as near to being an angel as he'll ever get.
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  • A stream gushed between the gnarled roots of trees, beside the nearly invisible trail. He couldn't see until he flipped up the visor that'd been splashed opaque by the contents of the Khalian's skull.
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    Instantly we are higher poets, and can speak a deeper law. The trees and the hills were close to him, and formed the gates of that timeless realm which was his true country.
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  • The mightiest of them, Cyndre, is a sorcerer with awesome powers.
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  • Replacement Policy (T&C)

    For damaged item, please contact us within 14 days after item received, supported by a photo. We will arrange for replacement of the same design at no additional charge.
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    I am trying to reach out to him, she said, feeling old and tired and about ready to give up. He'll have me as soon as I come down for breakfast.
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  • How to Order

    You could simply drop us a message with the product code of your prefered design from the gallery. We will contact you shortly.

    Free-Shipping promotion

    For all orders made thru our website - we offer Free-shipping to your doorstep, within Malaysia!
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